JOS Graphical User Interface

Welcome to the initial page of the JOS Graphical User Interface Group! This page will give some information on the projects that make up the Jos GUI. Below is the list of our products.

The JOS Media Player

We finally have a new version out for the JOS Media Player! There been lots of new changes in this version which make it faster, more stable, and definitely more functional. In this release we added support for playing all the media types supported by the Java Media Framework. While this might not be as many as a native platform implementation, we have faith that everything will change in due time. For now, enjoy the support that v2.0 brings to playing MP3s with playlists, random play, image slideshows, and limited movie playing.

1) Setup and maintain playlist (add, remove, save)
2) Initial preferences for playlists, and slideshows implemented
3) Theoretically play basic movies (older formats, not new)
4) Random Play for music and movie playlists
5) Drag and scroll for main images
6) Skinning via SkinLF (included along with some
sample themes)
7) Easy to use interface
8) New file chooser for selecting images
9) Print your images! (low quality due to Printing API)
10) Thumbnail viewing, saving, and loading (Threaded to allow you to continue work)
11) Thumbnail output to HTML page
12) Slideshows!

Future Features:
1) Support Winamp playlists
Some extra skins for you to try. All you need to do is put this in your themes directory under the media player's main directory and type media themes\yourthemehere. Remember is must be in a zip file.

Mac OS Theme - Make JMP look like its running on the Mac OS.
BeOS Theme - JMP on BeOS?
Aqua Theme - Emulate how MacOSX looks in JMP!

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